• 10 Years Old and 8,000 Years Young


      Over 8,000 years ago, the pomegranate became one of the first cultivated fruits. Since then, the pomegranate has traveled the globe and impacted major civilizations throughout history.

      500 years ago, Spanish missionaries planted the first pomegranate trees in the New World.

      250 years ago, British explorer George Vancouver, the first Englishman to visit Spanish California, noted the abundance of pomegranate trees at Mission San Buenaventura in Ventura, California.

      100 years ago, a Porterville farmer named Mr. Bearss brought pomegranate cuttings from Florida to California and began propagating them. This variety was sweeter and juicier than the others already there, so he aptly named it the Wonderful variety.

      10 years ago, we perfected POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice from concentrate, the first premium, reconstituted and pasteurized natural pomegranate juice.

      Follow our Orchard tour to find out for yourself what makes POM Wonderful so Wonderful. 


      • Rooted in History

        Maker of kings and tamer of empires, explore the pomegranate’s fascinating influence on art and culture through the ages.

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      • Cheating Death

        Taking no chances on the beverage selection in the great beyond, King Tut of Ancient Egypt made sure to have a pomegranate vase buried by his side.

      • Founding Father

        After a hard day at the Continental Congress, Thomas Jefferson liked to unwind by cultivating pomegranates at Monticello, his classically inspired Virginia home.

    • California Grown


      Descending from the original Wonderful orchard, we’ve grown to include nearly 13,000 acres of Wonderful variety pomegranates in the sunny San Joaquin Valley in Central California.

      In fact, we now supply the majority of the nation’s fresh pomegranates, meaning POM is one of the few pomegranate juices guaranteed to come exclusively from fruit grown in the U.S.A.

      Other pomegranate juice brands tend to import their juice from countries like Turkey, Iran, India and other parts of the world where food-processing practices can be unfortunately far less stringent.

      Here at POM, we adhere to the highest agricultural and food-processing standards in the world.


      • Life Cycle

        Every spring in POM Wonderful’s orchards, the Wonderful pomegranate transforms from a fragrant blossom into a sweet fruit containing a treasure of ruby-like arils inside.

      • Blossom

        In May, the red petals of the pomegranate tree release a delicate fragrance that attracts bees to pollinate the flowers, beginning the remarkable change from flower to fruit.

      • Maturation

        At summer’s end, the petals fall away to reveal the iconic crown. Hot, sunny days ripen the inside of the fruit, while cool nights cause the rind to deepen from green to red.

    • Wonderfully Delicious


      The “Wonderful” in our name refers to the specific variety of pomegranate that we grow, and how we feel about our product.

      In addition to the deliciously lucious taste (we think it compares favorably to a complex Bourdeaux), we found the benefits of a pomegranate so inspiring that we planted thousands of acres of Wonderful variety pomegranates right here in California’s sunny San Joaquin Valley.

      POM Wonderful is the only juice from concentrate made exclusively from the Wonderful variety of pomegranates, the only variety that has been featured in the promising scientific research you may have heard about. 


      • Wonderfully delicious

        You don’t have to be a scientist to love the great taste of POM. With its rich, hued flavor and natural sweetness, the juice has a hint of fruity tartness and a smooth finish.

    • Hand Selected


      Pomegranate trees take about nine years to grow to full maturity and require careful cultivation. We have 13,000 acres of trees that we carefully nurture into the best-tasting fruit producers in the world.

      When the pomegranates are ready to harvest in October of every year, they are carefully picked by hand and selected by weight and size. During harvest season, we set aside some of our crop for fresh pomegranates and arils to be sold in supermarkets, while the other portion of the harvest is carefully pressed into POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice from concentrate and our other beverages.


      • Harvest

        In October, POM Wonderful’s orchards are bursting with thousands of acres of ripe pomegranates. Being a fall fruit, our season lasts until about mid-January.

      • Protection racket

        The pericarp, or rind, that surrounds the fruit is now a tough and leathery barrier, smooth yet firm to the touch, that protects the magnificent ruby-colored interior.

      • The aril of my eye

        The pomegranate’s many chambers are filled with nutritious arils, containing Vitamin K, Fiber, Folate and Copper. Moreover, each of these arils contains sweet juice and a small edible seed.

      • Worldwide Wonderful

        POM Wonderful handpicks and ships only the finest-quality pomegranates to stores nationwide and to over 50 countries.

    • Pressed to Impress


      Unlike other brands, we never use pomegranate juice from outside vendors. This is how we guarantee pomegranate perfection in each bottle. Our juices and beverages are processed using our custom-designed, proprietary extraction equipment.

      In fact, we have set up our own dedicated POM campus in the Central Valley that oversees the quality of our fresh pomegranates, arils and juices. We even transport the pomegranates on a flume of water to minimize bruising of our precious fruit. And during the Fall, our team triples in size in order to take special care of our pomegranate harvest.

      We squeeze each of our homegrown pomegranates in our own specially designed presses before putting them in our unique bottles. And by squeezing the entire pomegranate, we ensure the juice retains many of the beneficial nutrients found in our fruit.


      • Waste not, want not

        All 13,000 acres of our orchards utilize intelligent drip irrigation that delivers the precise amount of water needed for every single tree throughout its growth cycle.

      • Light impact

        Some automated building lighting systems and energy-efficient boilers ensure only the necessary electricity is consumed.

      • Air traffic control

        By constantly observing weather patterns, humidity, wind and solar radiation, our farmers properly control watering requirements consumed.